Pool School

Help for pool owners on how to maintain their swimming pools.

Pool school is one of the many services that Can You Fix My Pool LLC provides.

Some customers want to take care of their pool on their own or just want some basic training and knowledge of the big body of water that exists in their backyard. For them, Pool School is the answer.

We will come to your house and spend some time with Your Pool and You.
The training includes three elements::

GENERAL MAINTENANCE AND CLEANING – Just how do I get those leaves and dirt out of the pool anyway? What are all these baskets for? How do I get the pool vacuum to work?

EQUIPMENT- What is the Pump? How do I set my cleaning system? How do I backwash My filter? How do I turn on the waterfall? I have a salt system, now what?

CHEMICAL TESTING- How do I test the Chlorine? What chemicals should I be using? How often should I test the water? Why does my pool turn green?

You have questions, we have the answers.

Pool School will give you a more secure knowledge of pool ownership and should be required knowledge even if you have Can You Fix My Pool service your pool.

The cost for this service is $125 and training usually lasts an hour and a half.