Pool Service & Repair Tempe

Tempe, Arizona swimming pool cleaning and repair services.

Green Pool Cleanup, Tile Cleaning, Monthly Pool Service, Cleaning and all Repair Services for Residential and Commercial Swimming Pools in Tempe, AZ.

Monthly Pool Service starting at $39/month
Bi-weekly Pool service starting at $65/month
Weekly Pool Service starting at $85/month

Tempe, AZ Pool Cleaning Services
Chemicals checked / pH balanced
Baskets cleaned
GREEN pool cleanup

Tempe, AZ Pool Tile Cleaning
Keeping the tile clean in your Tempe pool saves money, as once tile becomes calcified it becomes like hard plaque and requires much more time and a professional to clean your pool. We use the glass bead method for tile cleaning. Glass beading is a fast, safe and effective technique which removes calcium and scale deposits on pool tile.

Tempe, AZ Pool Repair

POOL EQUIPMENT REPAIR: Pumps, Motors, Filters

Replace Motors New backwash valve o-rings
Repair Shaft seal leak Replace spa blower
Entire pump replacement Install saltwater chlorinators
New filter installation: Sand, Diatomaceous, Cartridge Acid wash chlorinator grids
Haul off old filter New timer box installation
DE filter cleaning Timer mechanism repair
Sand change Replace actuator for pop-up heads
Haul off sand Replace pop up heads
Troubleshoot electrical Repair water levels
Install automatic cleaners Install new pool lights
Rebuild cleaners – diaphragm, gears Install pool light bulb
New heater installation (excluding gas lines) Replace faulty GFCI for lights
Heater repairs Replace Jandy Valve O-rings
Heat pump installation


Replace / rebuild return lines Replace multiport valves
Replace backwash valves Replace jandy valves
Paint pipes Install check valves
Any/all pool plumbing repairs
Unclog pipes


Drain pool Underwater drain cover
Acid wash pool Pop up head replacement
Scrape calcium nodules Green pool muckout / cleanup
Chlorine wash Pool painting
Tile cleaning / glass beading Seal / caulk tile line crack
Plaster spot repair
Rebar repair


Parts runs Pool inspection
Pool school Leak detection
Instruction Bubble covers
Retail Sales